Laundry Water Re-use

Laundry water re-use
Laundry water re-use
Laundry water re-use

The brief

Due to a severe drought and city water restrictions, Ecotech was asked to design and manufacture a system capable of filtering borehole water for a large commercial laundry. The brief was to custom design a treatment system so that the laundry could operate independently of available municipal water, thereby putting no strain on the city’s precious municipal water supply at all. The laundry also wanted to recycle as much water as possible an effort to minimise water usage. Solar panels and an inverter system will provide power to the water treatment system.

The treatment process

  • Water is pumped from a borehole and then purified to remove ground water contaminants via a five stage filtration process
  • Water is ozonated and levels are monitored via a PLC system to ensure that the technologically advanced and environmentally friendly washing chemicals operate effectively with the ozonated water
  • Ozonated water is pressurized and sent to the laundry’s efficient, high tech washing machines
  • A large amount of water is recovered, cleaned, and then also treated with the same circulation and controlled ozone process. This kills any residual bacteria, oxidises contaminants, and prepares the water to be used again as prewash or wash water in the next cycles
  • Log sheets and scheduled maintenance lists are provided for the operators to maintain the required water quality

The benefit to the client

By designing and manufacturing the above equipment, Ecotech was able to assist the client in starting a truly green commercial laundry. The water treatment system also allowed the client also use specialised laundry chemicals that have minimal negative impact on the environment.

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