Clean water is essential for livestock and crops to thrive. Ecotech will provide you with the correct and most cost-effective solution. Here are just some of the typical agricultural water treatment systems that we manufacture:
  • Iron and manganese removal from dam, borehole and river water
  • Tannin removal from dam, borehole and river water
  • Sediment removal by cartridge, bag and multimedia filtration
  • Chemical removal using ion-exchange systems
  • Purification of livestock feed water
  • Ozone systems to sanitize fruit and vegetable washing water
  • Reverse osmosis systems to desalinate brackish water
  • Ultrafiltration systems for turbidity, cyst and bacterial removal
  • Ozonation and UV for drinking water sterilization
  • Dairy and abattoir sanitized water supply
  • Hydroponic and nursery water supply purification
  • Pumps for irrigation and water supply systems, including solar driven pumps

Agricultural Water Purification
Agricultural Water Treatment
Agricultural Reverse Osmosis Systems

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