Potable Water

Ecotech offers you two solutions:
  • Pre-engineered frame or skid-mounted reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems, with pre- and post-filtration options
  • Custom designed skid-mount or containerized systems built to your exacting standards to solve your unique water problems
The following water sources all come with their unique problems, and we solve these with the following treatment processes:
  • Municipal tap water purification via reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration technology
  • Borehole water purification via sediment and heavy metal pre-filtration, followed by reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration
  • Dam water purification via sediment pre-filtration, followed by reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration
  • River water purification via sediment pre-filtration, followed by reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration
  • Grey water purification via ozonation or chemical dosing
  • Salt/brackish water purification via reverse osmosis desalination
  • Water softening and demineralisation by ion exchange systems
  • Separation by coagulation and flocculation processes
Ecotech also provides solutions for the bottled water industry. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing the equipment needed to purify water from the source to the point of bottling. Our range of reverse osmosis units can produce from 140 litres per hour to 5000 litres per hour. Our larger systems include a fully automated PLC controlled reverse osmosis purification unit, a carbonation system for sparkling water with dispenser taps, ozone generators for sanitizing the stored water and bottle filing lines, circulation pumps, variable frequency driven filling line pumps, various pre- and post-treatment systems depending on the input/raw water quality, water parameter monitoring instruments for pH, sanitation/ORP and TDS levels, and water storage tanks for input and product water. We currently have over 30 systems installed in Southern Africa, so we know and understand the challenges associated with start-up water bottling businesses.

The first step in any water purification process is to get your source water analysed by a reputable laboratory – we will assist you with this. A detailed analysis of your water source is undertaken and a water solution is proposed after considering your needs. Typically a project follows the following process:
  • System design and equipment specification
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Pre-testing
  • Installation on site
  • Commissioning and training of operational staff
  • Follow-up and maintenance scheduling

Potable Water Systems
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Reverse osmosis Water
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