Waste & Process Water

Waste and process water recycling comes with its unique challenges, and Ecotech will offer you the right solution, while taking your budget into account. We custom build these industrial solutions for both source water and effluent treatment, and to your demanding standards.

Here are just some of the typical industrial water treatment systems that we manufacture:
  • Boiler feed water
  • Laundry rinse cycle water re-use
  • Resort or residential complex grey water re-use for irrigation
  • Chemical removal systems for water recycling
  • Water softening systems
  • Deionization systems to remove specific contaminants
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration systems
  • Separation systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems, including variable frequency drive systems for pumps
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • Ozone and UV disinfection systems

Waste and Process Water
Waste and Process Water

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