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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems remove most bacteria, viruses and contaminants from water, thereby reducing the total dissolved solids (TDS) by 97% to 99%. The result is high quality potable drinking water and industrial process water.
  • We manufacture our own range of RO systems, from 70 litres per hour (A-series) to 5 000 litres per hour (D-series). These pre-engineered systems are modular and production capacity can be increased by adding additional units
  • Alternatively, an RO system can be containerized to simplify logistics. We can supply systems in 20ft or 40ft containers with the following options: air-conditioning, insulation, clean-in-place system for membrane cleaning, remote monitoring, modular containers, pre- and post-filtration
  • RO systems are used in just some of the following: bottled water and beverage businesses, livestock feed water, industrial boiler feed water, ultrapure industrial process water, pharmaceutical manufacturing water, hotel and resort drinking water, residential complex and office drinking water, water for private islands, luxury yachts, oil rigs and commercial shipping
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System


We manufacture sediment, chemical and organic contaminant removal systems ranging from whole-house systems for residential complexes to large automated industrial plants. Filtration systems are used, for example, for filtering out flocculants often found in municipal water. In addition, we can supply the following filtration systems and their component parts:
  • Multimedia filtration units
  • Granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration units
  • Iron removal units
  • pH stabilizing units
  • De-scaling units
  • Cartridge filter housings and filters
  • Multi-cartridge stainless steel filter housings
  • Bag filter housings and bag filters
  • Fibreglass pressure vessels
  • Manual and automatic filtration and water softener valves
Water Filtration System


Ultrafiltration (UF) systems remove most viruses, cysts and turbidity (fine sediment) from water. The UF technology differs from RO in that UF leaves some minerals and particles in the water, while still removing unwanted bacteria. UF is a separation process using membranes with pore sizes in the range of 0.1 to 0.001 micron. The most common type is the hollow fibre membrane and they are used in an ‘inside-out’ or ‘outside-in’ flow direction. These modules/membranes consist of thousands of tiny straw-like tubes embedded in a resin to keep them in place. The modules are flushed/back-flushed regularly to keep the pores clean. They can also be chemically cleaned if fouling becomes excessive. UF technology is now becoming more popular in many fields where a high water recovery rate/less water wastage is required, such as drinking water purification, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing and various separation systems. It is also used as a pre-treatment for large RO units.
  • We manufacture UF systems ranging from 500 litres per hour to 20 000 litres per hour
Ultrafiltration Water System

Water Softners

If there are stains or build up on your sinks, showers and baths, or if you have to use large amounts of soap to clean dishes, you probably have hard water. Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, lead and limestone in excessive amounts. If left untreated, the minerals in hard water will cause yellow stains on plumbing fixtures and will be deposited as scale, eventually clogging plumbing and shortening the life of appliances like geysers, pool solar panels, washing machines, ice makers, air conditioners and dishwashers. In industrial boilers, for example, the deposits act as an insulation that impairs the flow of heat into water, reducing the heating efficiency and allowing the metal boiler components to overheat. In a pressurized system, this can lead to failure of the boiler. Water softening systems provide the solution. They reduce the dissolved calcium and magnesium using ion-exchange resin systems. We manufacture a range of different sizes of water softeners, from whole-house systems to large industrial systems. Our systems use multi-functional automatic softener control valves, providing easy installation, programmable automatic regeneration, back-washing, and flushing controlled by either time or flow
Water Softners

Ozone Sanitation

The clean fresh smell evident after a lightning storm is ozone. Ozone is a very strong disinfectant and oxidizer. Any pathogen or contaminant that can be disinfected, altered or removed via an oxidation process will be affected by ozone. Compared to chlorine, the most common water disinfection chemical, ozone is more than 50% stronger and acts over 3000 times faster. Chlorine is a highly toxic chemical. Ozone is therefore of particular value in potable water treatment systems because of its ability to disinfect without adding other chemicals. However, as with other treatment methods, the oxidized by-products of ozonation will need to be removed by filtration or settling to provide acceptably clean and clear water.
  • Custom built ozone generators in various sizes
  • Applications include water storage tank sanitation, bottling plant filling line sanitation, and grey water storage sanitation
Ozone Sanitation

UV Sanitation

Ultra violet (UV) sanitizing units are used in many water purification systems to control bacteria and viruses. They can be very effective water treatment tools if used correctly. UV energy penetrates the outer cell membrane of a micro-organism in water, passes through the cell body, and disrupts its DNA, thereby preventing reproduction. Although 100% destruction of microorganisms cannot be guaranteed, it is possible to achieve a 99.9% reduction in certain applications with proper maintenance. In order for a UV unit to successfully disinfect water, it is important to have adequate water quality, a sufficient flow rate, and correct dosage. The dosage is a product of UV light intensity and exposure time. The UV lamp never contacts the water; instead, the lamp is normally housed in a quartz glass sleeve inside the water chamber and the water is forced around and passed the lamp.
  • We supply a range of UV systems from 1500 litres per hour to 10 000 litres per hour and larger
UV Sanitation

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