Laboratory Water Supply

Laboratory Water Supply
Laboratory Water Supply
Laboratory Water Supply

The brief

Due to the Western Cape drought situation Ecotech was asked to design, manufacture and install a containerized reverse osmosis water treatment plant for high TDS borehole supply. The brief was to supply a system that could totally replace the existing municipal supply with high quality water.

The treatment process

  • The borehole water is pumped into the raw water holding tank. From there it is pumped through a pre-treatment system using AFM media followed by Birm iron removal media
  • This pre-treated water is stored in another tank
  • The 2000lph RO plant takes its feed from the pre-treated tank and passes it through fine sediment filtration down to 1 micron before going to the membranes
  • Clean-in-place equipment is installed so the RO membranes can be cleaned on site
  • The entire RO process is controlled by a mini PLC which, as well as controlling all tank levels and pressure alarms, constantly monitors water quality
  • The final product water is sent to storage tanks, ready for use in the laboratory
  • On-site training for all operational staff, and a full technical manual supplied
  • Log sheets and scheduled maintenance lists for the operators to maintain a high water quality

The benefit to the client

Total independence from the municipal supply line, as well as laboratory quality water.

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