Industrial Water Re-Use

Industrial Water Re-Use
Industrial Water Treatment

The brief

Ecotech was asked to design, manufacture and install a waste water treatment plant for a leading international paint company. Local municipal regulations prevented the client from disposing the process waste (sludge and water) in the municipal sewer system. The treatment process was designed to get the process waste to a suitable quality that would be in accordance with the municipal regulations. In addition, the client wanted to separate the sludge from the water and possibly re-use both.

The treatment process

  • 2 stage flocculation system to separate the sludge from the water
  • Sludge could be dried and removed as waste in bags, or re-used in paint products
  • Water after separation, was filtered and ozonated to remove bacteria
  • Water was re-used as process wash water, or was disposed of in the municipal sewer system
  • System was fully automated with PLC control
  • On-site training for all operational staff was carried out, and a full technical manual was supplied with the system
  • Log sheets and scheduled maintenance lists were supplied to the operators to ensure the system functioned correctly and efficiently

The benefit to the client

By designing and manufacturing the above equipment, Ecotech was able to assist the client in filtering the industrial waste water to a suitable standard. The recycled water and sludge were used to manufacture more paint and boosted the company’s bottom line. Two recycling plants were purchased by the client due to their success. One was installed in Zambia, the other in Botswana.

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